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Your Financial Strategy

This deals with 7 of the vital 9 keys to wealth aligning them all to drive your financial goals.

Your Money Matters covers everything you would need from an accredited Australian financial planner:

Often we may have bits of the finances ‘handled’ in isolation without knowing how they all fit together to drive our goals. There is a freedom and a flow in having them all work together. We will:-

Look at all aspects of your financial affairs

We look at your cash flow, superannuation, wills and estate planning, insurances, the debt you have and tax optimisation – and advise you on how they are interrelated and on the impact each area has on you achieving your goals.

Some areas may be perfectly in line with your financial goals, needing no action. Others may need modifying. In either case, you will have professional advice. You will know that all areas of your financial picture are working together.

Document this into one overall personal financial strategy and plan

You need a plan ‐ the right plan. You need a strategy that is manageable and powerful for both the short and long term. You need the right steps at the right times to achieve your goals.

When putting together your comprehensive financial plan, Your Money Matters also looks at why you are doing what you are doing. We make sure that each aspect of your plan is in line with, and complimentary of, your long term financial vision.

Each of the 7 tactical “9 keys to wealth” is discussed with you in the context of your vision. When action is needed, we create a financial strategy for the relevant keys and then document this all into one overall Comprehensive Financial Plan.


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